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Area Report List "It's all About Friends"

The more friends we have, the more FUN we will all have, it is just that simple.

The more people we get involved in the chapter and the more people we keep active in the chapter, the healthier and happier the chapter is and the more FUN we will all have.

The A.R.L. is a tool to meet new friends, welcome potential friends and keep old friends.

A question the chapter staff always discuss: how can we get new members and increase participation? We talk about tire kicks, dealer days, mall shows etc. and all too often we just do not have a weekend day to attend them, and they take up a lot of time.

Sometimes we look so hard that we miss what is right in front of our eyes, (on our computer screen) the Area Report List. The list is a comprised of 3 sections:

1-Trial members- these are people that most likely already own or are about to purchase a Goldwing or another brand of motorcycle. They have contacted national and made an inquiry about a membership and asked; “what is G.W.R.R.A. all about”? They have been given a 3month Trial membership; received a complimentary Wing World magazine and have been given the name of the chapter or chapters closest to their vicinity.
In addition the chapter and the District Directors have been sent their contact information directly from national. All the chapter has to do is “reel them in”. Invite them to a gathering, or a function call them on the phone and let them know they are welcome, and you are looking forward to meeting them. It is that simple, CONTACT THEM today.

2-Expiring members, thankfully, their memberships only and not them. Call them, speak with them at a gathering and remind them their membership is expiring. But more important, use that information to contact folks that you have not seen for awhile. Give them a call let them know you noticed they have not been around, invite them to join you at a dinner or event even if they are not riding or have not been feeling well. Tell them you miss seeing them and would love to have them join in and of course tell them everyone including them will have more FUN if they come out.
I know at first this will be a problem, initially you will hear “ no one ever called me before, all you want is my money.”
If you call people when you first notice they are not attending gatherings and events, they will welcome the calls. By reaching out to them they will realize their friends missed seeing them.
Getting new members is great, but losing old ones is terrible!

3-New members, they need to be welcomed and brought into the chapter by the members, speak with them, explain what is going on, why people wear vests, funny hats, or what the mascot is all about. Specifically ask them for their contact information, call them on the phone and invite them personally to join on a ride or event. You have to let them know they are WELCOME and you look forward to seeing them at events. Never assume they will make friends on their own, introduce them to fellow members, sit with them at the gathering, they might be shy.

The A.R.L. is the tool, all you have to do is show everyone how it works.

The information on the A.R.L. can be shared with anyone that has signed an M.O.U., even if you do not give them the list, you can still ask individuals to assist with contacting new, expiring and potential members, same as a phone chain.

People having FUN and enjoying events is the key to a healthy, happy chapter.

“Membership is no one’s job, it is everyone’s job!”

The more involved you get, the more FUN you will have!

Mike and Nancy Mandell
N.E. Region “B” Membership Enhancement Coordinators

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