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We are the Chapter Couple, What now?

Have FUN!, That is number 1, YOU are the ambassadors of FUN for your chapter and the entire Goldwing Road Riders Association.
Your obligations are few, but specifically directed towards having FUN, promoting the Chapter and all of the members to everyone you meet.
Promoting not only by words; but also by your smiling faces, warm and friendly attitudes and willingness to assist as needed.
You, as the Chapter Couple have the most prestigious, fun and honorable position within the chapter and the entire organization. It is the only title you will hold that YOU have been appointed to by your immediate friends within the chapter.
As any former Chapter Couple can and will tell you, sit back, hold on and enjoy every moment, it is a fabulous ride. One other thing, once a Chapter Couple, always a Chapter Couple, it is a title you will wear proudly forever.
Additionally you will find out there is a very special “bond” that exists between all couples. You are now an integral part of this elite forever lasting bond.
“The Big Decision”
“What should we do?”
The BIG scare, about nothing; that is exactly what it is, why be afraid of having more FUN?
“I do not want to participate in the District selection process, NO WAY”!
WHY, after all by now you have probably cross dressed, gone out in public half naked, worn some form of silly hat and acted like a fool. And none of that bothered YOU! 
So why should telling many of the same people, when you joined GW, a little about your family, how long you have been riding motorcycles, what level you have attained within the Rider Ed Program, and the many positions you have held in GWRRA be a problem? It should not be an issue-NO PROBLEM!
The truth is, it is only a problem in your mind, because it is all true information. There is nothing to be ashamed of, these are all FUN experiences you had and things you have already done in the name of Friends for FUN, Safety and Knowledge.
Sharing funny times and events and making friends happy along with helping others is why you were honored as the Chapter Couple.
The Couples Program is not a win/lose program, it is a WIN/WIN program, one you have earned the right to be a part of. The program is not a popularity or beauty contest, it is a recognition based program, one that honors and recognizes people for what they have done.
Do you have to participate, NO!     But why shouldn’t YOU?
Why deprive yourself of the honor, your friends of the enthusiasm of applauding your achievements. The entire District Team and sister chapter participants from getting to know you better and cheer for YOU as their representative. As a result of your choice to participate, you will enable others from neighboring Districts to get to know YOU better. These are all very positive reasons YOU should be involved in the selection process.
Remember: The more involved You get, the more FUN we will all have!
By the time you are considering involvement in the District Selection Process, you most likely realize the importance of the Couples Program and how it benefits ALL chapter participants. Chapters that do not appoint a Chapter Couple are doing an injustice to themselves.
Your decision to be in the District Selection Process is the best way you can spread the word and promote this extremely beneficial Program to all of your friends in G.W.R.R.A.
“There are no strangers, in G.W.R.R.A.,simply friends you have not met as of yet.”
If you do not already have one,there is a copy of the Couple of The Year Manual available to everyone on the National GWRRA Website, Go to Membership and click on Couple of The Year, download the manual. This will offer you all the basic things you need to do. Of course if you have any questions you can always contact us.
Cell; 732-887-0374
We would love to hear from you and assist you in anyway we can.
This year the N.E. Region “B” Couple of The Year Selection Process will be held in Gettysburg Pa. at the P.A. District Convention on Saturday September 7, 2013. We hope to see you all there.
Ride Safe! Have Fun!
Mike and Nancy Mandell
N.E. Region “B” Couple of The Year Coordinators


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