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PA - V Coy

 Pennsylvania “V” does it “BEST!

Here is a story of how a couple with a plan selects and honors their Chapter Couple.
This story is being told by Mike & Shirley Prince, Assistant Chapter Directors PA-V, Region “B” Chapter of The Year Coordinators and most importantly 2 fellow members of G.W.R.R.A. that care about the organization, their friends and making more FUN for all that choose to participate.
Mike & Shirley always go the extra mile to bring out an even bigger smile.

Each year Chapter “V” selects a couple that is energetic, and has done and is doing a lot for the chapter and its participants.
This year’s Couple Bruce & Deb Etter are more than just that. Since joining the chapter a few years ago, they are our current goodies people. They have hosted numerous chapter events, 4th of July celebrations, project building for our district convention, picnics and game day/night, Ice Cream socials and so much more.
They have opened there home and bigger yet their hearts to the members of chapter V.
Always thinking of others and willing to help with whatever is needed, to get it done.
Helping not only within the chapter but anything outside the chapter with whatever their fellow members may need.
For example: You may have mentioned in conversation about something you were trying to find or do, and get a phone call a couple days or a week later. Oh by the way did you ever figure out or find that something, I think I may have found something that will work, or have you tried this or that.
Their biggest asset is the size of their hearts. I could go on and on but you get the idea.
They are participating in the Rider-Ed levels program and have been taking Leadership Training seminars to increase their knowledge of our organization as well as their abilities to serve the chapter membership. Bruce and Deb have completed the G.W.R.R.A.’s Officers Certification Program and are well versed in Chapter structure.
Every Chapter has at least one outstanding Couple deserving of the title Couple of The Year. Reward them and show them just how much you appreciate what they do, by honoring them as your Couple of The Year.
We do this each year at our Christmas party in December. After announcing the couple, we crown them our new COY. Present them with their vests that have been set up and sewn together ahead of time with all the appropriate patches. In addition we present our couple with personalized name tags and Chapter Couple of The Year medallions with their names engraved on the backs.
Another item we thought was important to present to our Couple is the “Chapter Couple of The Year Certificate of Appreciation” which Chapter “V” designed.
Last but certainly not least “The COY Scroll” AKA Job description. After all who wants to be honored as COY and not know what is expected of them?
The Couple of The Year Program is a win-win for all who participate.
In Chapter “V” selecting a Chapter Couple is becoming more challenging each year as couples emerge from their shells and become more involved in rides, events and planning increasing not only their involvement but the level of FUN they and their fellow members enjoy.
We have learned in Chapter “V” as with everything in life: “you get what you give”.
We put an emphasis on the FUN and RECOGNITION, the reward is the position and honor, the paycheck the completed vest, name tag and certificate. For Chapter “V”, that is a very small price to pay for such great benefits.

Our Staff takes pride in our Couples, the Couples take pride in the chapter and all of the chapter participants take pride in being deeply involved in the chapter.
Together we feel we have a winning formula and we know we are all having FUN!
Here is the contact information for our couple if you would like to say hello:

This is their contact info.
Bruce & Deb Etter / PA-V COY 2012
GWRRA# 242602
300 River Dr., York Haven, PA 17370

Ride Safe! Have FUN!

Mike & Nancy Mandell
N.E. Region “B” Couple of The Year Coordinators

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