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Thank You!


The Privilege-Support-Friendship 


Nancy and I would simply like to say  “Thank You” to all of our G.W.R.R.A. family of friends that have supported the Membership Program within their Chapters and Districts.

The members of Region “B” have done an outstanding job getting involved in both the Couple and Chapter of The Year Programs. 

We are extremely fortunate to have dedicated and committed people like Mike and Shirley Prince as Region Chapter of The Year Coordinators.

 They have educated, inspired and energized Chapters to “get involved” in the Chapter of The Year Program and start increasing their levels of FUN and participation

The continuous challenges of recruitment and retention within G.W.R.R.A., specifically at District and Chapter levels is a “work in progress”.

The Region Area Report List Coordinators Pete and Marielle St. Amour working directly and cooperatively with all members have made a tremendous difference and we can proudly say we are growing.

The amount of effort and time Pete spends assisting, educating and following up with fellow members and friends is proof of his desire to help and shows how dedicated he is.

The Region in my opinion has one of the “BEST” Webmasters around, Clark Clemens is always there to assist any members with problems or answer any questions they might have.

As for the Website itself, all I can say is “WOW”, Clark does an outstanding job.  The site always looks sharp, has great content and is an asset to the entire membership.

On a personal note, I have no idea how he does it, but regardless of time of day or night if I send him something and request a posting, it is up on the site immediately.

Clark and Linda are great FUN loving people, they do a great job, make sure you let them know just how much they are appreciated.

Bob and Debbie Anthony are our Region B Newsletter Editors, most of you never get to see them, I promise they are real people and do exist.

The newsletter is among the very best in all of  G.W.R.R.A., great content, reads easy and is always interesting and eye appealing.

Bob and Debbie will be stepping down as soon as a replacement is found; between challenges at home and work their free time is limited.

Please join us in saying “Thank You” for all they have done for Region B.

Nancy and myself have served additionally as the Region Couple of The Year Coordinators and have enjoyed every minute of it.  The Couples Program holds a special place in our hearts and we really believe involvement for all Chapters and members is an honor and a privilege.

We are stepping down as Region  “B” Membership Enhancement Coordinators, a position we have been honored to hold and have thoroughly enjoyed.

The many wonderful people we have come in contact with and have had the opportunity to get to know is rewarding.  We will never forget any of you.

The success of any position must be weighed by positives, not negatives much like a salesman we throw a lot of stuff at the wall and only a small percentage sticks.

The Region M.E.C. Team, comprised of Mike and Shirley Prince, Pete and Marielle St. Amour, Clark and Linda Clemens, Bob and Debbie Anthony and Nancy and myself worked together to make everyone’s experience in the wonderful organization of G.W.R.R.A. better.

Without the hard working dedicated members of the TEAM this could never have been accomplished.

We are confident as a TEAM we succeeded.

We are very excited that the National Directors of Membership Enhancement, Ed and Linda Johnson have named Dan and Mary Costello as the new Region “B” M.E.C.

Dan and Mary are great folks; they are what FUN is all about. Their leadership skills and abilities are second to none. They will be a tremendous boost to all the programs as well as the entire membership. 

Ride Safe! Have Fun!
Mike and Nancy Mandell 
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