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Leadership is Key to Success

Change in leadership is Key to Growth

To be successful every program must have leadership; someone coordinating and directing ideas and thoughts towards the common goals of making the program the “best it can be”.

The program directors have thoughts and ideas they hope to turn into realties. Once again with the goal of making the programs “the best they can be”.

As time passes, the very best of leaders with what seems like endless energy, great ideas and unbridled enthusiasm begin to get “tunnel vision”, stalled and simply “STUCK”. They continuously use the same approach, the same message and identifiable technique to get their message out to participants.

This is no ones fault, It is not a mistake nor is it done with anything less than “good intentions”. None the less the outcome at best inhibits growth and sometimes even leads to disaster.

New leadership is the key to success, along with new people come new ideas, a different approach and a surge of fresh energy.
The same message may be delivered but in a different format, perhaps even a new concept that leads to greater involvement.

Whatever method and whoever the leader, a change every so often is a must., to insure success, forward momentum and growth.

The time is fast approaching when Nancy and I must step down as the Membership Enhancement Coordinators and also the Region Couple of The Year Coordinators for G.W.R.R.A. North East Region “B”.
We have held the positions for the past 3 years, and considered it an honor to serve all of our friends and extended family within Region “B”.

We took on the positions with great ideas, loads of energy and endless enthusiasm. We wanted to bring our own style to educating members about the Membership Program.

Specifically the need to support the Couple and Chapter of The Year Programs, why chapters should be involved in them and what benefits they will receive for doing so.

We knew we needed to encourage Districts and Chapters to appoint M.E.C. people at each level and why.

To grow our Chapters the staff needed to utilize the Area Report List and understand the information about new, potential and expiring members.

New and current members are the prescription for a healthy happy chapter.

We tried to offer as much opportunity as we could to all members to learn about all the great FUN activities they could find on the national website under the Membership banner.

The seminars offered within the region and at the national level sharing information about The Chapter of The Year and Couple of The Year Programs, presented by our Region Coordinators, Mike and Shirley Prince, The Area Report List Coordinators Pete and Marielle St Amour and Couple of The Year Coordinators us, (Mike and Nancy Mandell). They were given to increase the levels of understanding of WHY members should be involved in all of these worthwhile programs.

The information was offered in what we hope was an easy to understand format, all with the single most important focus on having FUN.

Membership Enhancement is all about FUN, FUN is # 1.

“The more involved you get, the more FUN all of us will have.”

Great ideas, enthusiasm and energy are all important, but all 3 must be renewed. It is not enough to simply recharge the batteries; the time comes when we must simply get new ones.

The time is now, we are still energized, we are very extremely enthusiastic and we are very positive that the Region “B” Team will benefit and become even stronger and more productive with new Membership Enhancement Coordinators.

We feel very confident that we made a difference for the better; we have developed a “Membership Team” made up of the following great people.

Mike and Shirley Prince Chapter of The Year Coordinators

Pete and Marielle St. Amour Area Report List Coordinators

Robert Anthony Region Newsletter Editors

Clark Clemens Region Webmaster

All of these wonderful people, folks we are proud to say are our friends have taken their respective areas of expertise to higher levels of excellence than we ever could have hoped for, to all of them we and all of YOU must say “Thank You”.

We hope the present Membership Team will stay on and support the new Region M.E.C.’s with the same level of excellence that we enjoyed.

Nancy and I are not quitting, we are not going away; we are simply making room for new ideas and increased levels of energy and enthusiasm.
We are no further away than ever before, call on the phone 732-887-0374 anytime, send us an e-mail: we will assist you in anyway we can, or of course simply reach out and say “Hello”.

We will continue to serve as Region “B” M.E.C. until a replacement is chosen and we will do everything necessary to guarantee a smooth transition.

Thank You to all of you for allowing us the honor of serving all of YOU in N.E. Region”B”.


“The more involved YOU get, the more FUN WE all have”

Ride Safe! Have Fun!

Mike and Nancy Mandell

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