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Spring is back

“Time to Ride”

Chapters have met patiently all winter setting up rides and planning Fun filled events for everyone to participate in. The end to winter and the time to ride seemed so “FAR AWAY”.

But alas, wait no more, SPRING IS BACK! Clean up your bikes, add a coat of polish, go thru T-Clock and get ready to safely ride and have FUN.

Additionally, check your schedules, look over all the many events being hosted by fellow chapters and districts, make your reservations and get ready to have FUN.

Don’t forget to check out the many opportunities to refresh and increase your riding skills while moving up within the Rider Education Levels Program. There are Parking Lot Practices, ERC, ARC courses available in many districts, these training sessions will minimize your level of risk and at the same time increase your levels of FUN while riding your bikes.
“the more you know, the more FUN you will have”

Medic First Aid/CPR, the programs that will save a life in an emergency are offered in many Districts, the life you save may be of a loved one, good friend or even your own. Recognizing an EMERGENCY is the first step towards a “good outcome”.

Warm up rides, ice cream rides, day trips to your favorite back roads and restaurants, getting together with friends, laughing and having FUN; after all isn’t that what G.W.R.R.A. is all about?

“Friends for Fun, Safety and Knowledge”

In case you did not think of it, SPRING also offers you the chance to reach out to members you may not have seen in awhile at events.

SPRING, with all of the riding and events is a time to call expiring members and invite them out to one or all of your events. Offer to send them the ride schedule, invite them for ice cream, tell them they are missed and how much everyone would love to see them.

Spring brings new growth to existing plants, it is a time to plant new seeds and watch them grow.

Our chapters are no different, they need “our” attention to enable our current members to grow and remain healthy. The chapters also need new seeds, ones that can be hand fed and gently watered so they too can grow into good active members and future leaders.

Don’t waste any of the opportunities the coming of SPRING has to offer, take advantage of all of them. In the summer we will all get to enjoy the fruits of YOUR labor, as the chapter membership grows and all the events are full of people having FUN.

Ride Safe! Have Fun!

Mike and Nancy Mandell
N.E. Region “B” Membership Enhancement Coordinators


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