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Membership Enhancement Program

“Drives your Chapter to success”

The Chapter and Couple of The Year Programs are a great way of recognizing special people within your chapter and for motivating your members to become involved.

Involvement in both of these extremely worthwhile programs within G.W.R.R.A. have long lasting and far reaching benefits for all chapters.
They build relationships between chapters, they create opportunities for members from different chapters to bond with one another and develop long lasting friendships.

The two programs also provide “friendly” and competitive challenges between chapters and energize more people to get involved with chapter events.

The Couples Program directly increases involvement in the Visit-a-Chapter-Programs within the Districts.

The Chapter of The Year Program is a means of motivating people to step up and take charge of small areas of Chapter life, by volunteering to be an ice cream ride coordinator, a member that decides to donate a mascot or run a membership drive.
There are many ways to increase participation that do not take a lot of effort.

Sharing or Co-Hosting events with other chapters increases the number of members attending functions, making them more FUN, more successful and many times more cost effective resulting in lowering costs.

As we expand our G.W. family we all have a tendency to “make more time” to join in the “Good Times” by attending more chapter, district and national gatherings and events.

Engaging our members, keeping them active and involved is key to a healthy chapter.
As Nancy and I always say:
“The more involved we get, the more FUN we will all have.”

Ride safe, have FUN!

Mike and Nancy Mandell
N.E. Region B Membership Enhancement Coordiantors



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