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“Recognition” “A volunteers fuel”


 A car needs gasoline, a motorcycle tho more fuel efficient still needs it’s tank filled, regardless of how many miles it gets to the gallon. 

When we go to work, we are paid for each and every hour we work, the payment is our form of “fuel replenishment”, regardless of how hard we work or how many hours, when we receive our paycheck it re-energizes us.

Volunteers need to be refueled also, nowhere near as often as a paid individual, but refueled just the same. The biggest difference is volunteers need two very simple things to energize them;

“Recognition and Thank You’s” 

They do not need them everyday or even every week, these two things mean more than money to a volunteer.  They say it all, Thank You, says YOU really understand all of their efforts and work, and Recognition lets them know YOU are telling others how much YOU appreciate what they do and how well they do it.

“Thank You” is personal, it is direct from you to that individual or group.  Recognition, is your sharing with others what they have done.

Nothing works without fuel, no matter how long or far it runs, eventually everything runs out of energy.  Volunteers are no different, regardless of how much FUN they appear to have, the time comes they need to be “refilled”. 

It actually takes much more than money to refill a volunteer, money is the giving or sharing of something we have, Recognition and Thank You’s are you giving of yourself to offer those kind words. For many people that is not easy to do.

Life is not perfect, we are not perfect, most of us do not perform flawlessly at our jobs, but we still get paid each and every week.  Perhaps we should share that understanding with our fellow volunteers and refuel their tanks for only achieving 95% perfection and not dwell on the mere 5% that may have just missed the mark.

Please always remember to say “Thank YOU” to our wonderful volunteers, our fellow friends, our extended family within our great organization known as Goldwing Road Riders Association.

“Keep a friend”-”Make-a friend”-”Find a friend”

Mike and Nancy Mandel

N.E. Region B Membership Enhancement Coordinators

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