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Membership Enhancement Coordinator Part II

Membership Enhancement Coordinator
“We don’t need one!”

This is a continuation of our article from last month, if you have not read it, PLEASE do yourself and your fellow chapter friends a favor, take a few minutes and look at it.

Last month we offered a sample of ideas of FUN events, silly things to do and ways to get your members more involved and having more FUN. All of these ideas and more are available for everyone on the national website within the Membership section to use and modify as they see fit.

Of course we will continue to emphasize the “FUN Factor” in membership, and at the same time offer you ideas of what is expected of an M.E.C. and some insight into selecting the right person with the intention of setting up a “TEAM” to accomplish this very important task.

A Membership Enhancement Coordinator is responsible for and oversees the following programs:
1-Area Report List
2-Chapter of The Year
3-Couple of The Year

Now that you have an idea as to WHY you need to have an M.E.C., I am quite sure YOU do not want the title or the task; it is just too much for one person to do. You are correct; it takes multiple talents and personalities as well as a lot of time and effort.

Share the load, “Divide and Conquer”, that is the answer, and honestly is the only way you will attain success within each area.

We will offer you a description as well as some suggestions for filling these positions.

Area Report List Coordinator: this involves contacting new and prospective members that are contained in the monthly Excel spreadsheets that are sent from national to region, the Region M.E.C. via the Region A.R.L. Coordinator breaks that list down by Districts and sends them out to the Districts. The District M.E.C. breaks them down by Chapter and forwards them to the Chapter M.E.C.

Additionally the person in charge of the A.R.L. should be letting people know their membership is expiring soon and reminding them to renew. They also should be keeping a list of who is attending the gatherings and reach out to folks that are not attending to let them know they are missed.

Identify a person that is good with computers and understands excel spreadsheets ask that person to simply manage the A.R.L. data, in many cases that person does not want to go out and shake hands and hug the ladies but they are masters with data.

Sometimes the “right person” for the A.R.L. may not be the same person to make personal contacts with members, once again, share the load, break the task down, always remember:
TEAM-Together Everyone Accomplishes More

Contacting new members, running membership drives is not hard and is always FUN, especially if you choose someone with an outgoing personality that gets satisfaction out of meeting new people and getting them involved.

Recruitment and retention are very important elements to the health and well being of all chapters. It is everyone’s job to be an ambassador, promote our chapters and increase participation, which results in more FUN for everyone.

Don’t be afraid to further share the workload by appointing someone to oversee and set up recruitment opportunities.
Multiple people can hold multiple jobs; get the right person in the proper position.

Newsletter Editors have a skill and generally a passion for what they do, they really enjoy the task at hand and take a lot of pride in developing a good quality newsletter. This is generally done by one person; with many folks contributing articles and information. If the newsletter “ain’t broke”, don’t try to fix it!

As for webmasters, the majority of us are clueless about what to do or how to do it, again, don’t try to re-invent the wheel, if it is rolling along leave it alone.

If you do have an issue within these technical areas of expertise you must find people with the specific skills as well as the desire to make them better.

The “Chapter of The Year Program” and the “Couple of The Year Program” are key elements in the recipe for a healthy fun filled chapter creating a high percentage of involvement from members.
The Chapter of The Year increases participation by helping to create an outline/schedule of planned events. It energizes individuals to take an active role within the chapter by enlightening them to positions that need to be filled (ie. Ice Cream Ride Coordinator, pizza party organizer, mascot keeper etc.) tasks they never would have stepped up to otherwise. These positions can gain you points within the program but take a minimum amount of time and effort to fill.

The program offers another reason for everyone to play together and have FUN while working towards the common goal of accruing points and being selected as the “Chapter of The Year”.

This program as with all must have a couple or person that takes the lead and creates the energy for the entire chapter. It is important to find a person or persons that really believe in the program and how doing so will serve all the members and increase the levels of FUN and involvement for everyone. If they do not believe in the program, they cannot promote it successfully.

The Chapter of the Year must be endorsed 100 % by the Director and staff, because it is simply an outline of what FUN events you will be doing all year. This is a cooperative effort and one that takes very little additional work or effort over what you should already be doing.

The “Couple of The Year Program” will also benefit the entire chapter, it offers a means of recognizing and saying “Thank You” to a very special couple that always go above and beyond to serve all the members. Recognition is a very rewarding form of a “paycheck” for what a couple does for your chapter and fellow members.
It is also a program that must be led by a couple or an individual that really understands and believes in the benefits it will bring to the entire chapter.
The Couples Program increases chapter pride, participation, as and attendance at other gatherings and events as a show of support for your couple.

Additionally the program will also increase the level of involvement of other couples within the chapter that may also enjoy the recognition of being selected as your Chapter Couple in the following years. (even tho they may not admit it)

The Couples Program is recognition based, it is not a popularity or beauty contest a couple that understands how the scoring at the District and Region levels work will simply enjoy all the benefits associated with participation in the selection process.
The Couple of The Year at the Chapter level will be the most prestigious title you will hold in G.W.R.R.A., it is the only position that you are selected to hold by your close friends.
The excitement and FUN associated with the Couples Program is far reaching, and long lasting.
We believe the reason so few Chapter Couples decide to go on to District is simply because they are not familiar with the process and have no idea what to expect or what is involved.
Through education we can increase the number of couples entering into the selection process.

Choose a couple that has served as a “Couple of The Year” at some level and believes in the program, ask them to be your Couples Coordinator. They can create the energy, supply the information to your couple and motivate your members to support the program. They will make your Chapter Couple Program a success and FUN for everyone.

What did you just read other than a whole lot of words? You read the outline for a healthy, happy chapter, one that is riding, having FUN and enjoying their experience in G.W.R.R.A. to the max.

All people are not willing to do everything, but everyone is willing to do something, no matter how little they do, when people get involved, they assume “ownership” which engages them and allows them to have more “FUN”.

Having FUN is not hard, but it does not just happen, it takes planning, effort and the support of members.

“The more involved YOU get, the more FUN we will ALL have”

Ride Safe! Have FUN!

Mike & Nancy Mandell
N.E. Region “B” M.E.C.


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