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Membership Enhancement Coordinator

Membership Enhancement Coordinator
“We don’t need one!”
Or do YOU ?

A football team has defensive and offensive coordinators: a baseball team has a batting coach, a pitching coach, which in reality are Coordinators. If these professional teams need them and by the way pay BIG dollars to have them then why don’t YOU need a FUN coordinator?

Wait a minute, you said an M.E.C., you did not say anything about FUN.

An M.E.C. at the district and chapter level is exactly that, a coordinator of FUN.

Membership is all about FUN: of course there are other benefits of involvement in G.W.R.R.A. than just FUN. But never forget:
FUN is number ONE!

Without FUN, no one would be involved in any activity. With the exception being work, (what we do for a living) can also be fun but more often is rewarding in the form of monetary payment, which is a wonderful motivator. We all love to eat, so we better go to work!

So unless there is another benefit whatever else we do is simply for FUN and enjoyment. The best way to increase most people’s enjoyment is by surrounding them with other folks that want the same thing, in our case, they want to ride their motorcycles and have FUN.

The Membership Program in G.W.R.R.A. provides proven ideas for increasing involvement by chapter participants which results in more people getting involved and the more involved you get the more FUN you will have.

For starters there is a “FUN BOOK”, an offering of ideas for rides, games and events. People enjoy destinations as well as purposes, riding a motorcycle in a “Zip Code”, Firehouse or Bug Gut ride makes an ordinary ride “special”. Special equates to FUN, which makes for added participation, which is the prescription for a healthy chapter.

The Chapter of The Year Program is basically a cataloging of all the FUN events you and your TEAM will be planning for the up and coming riding season. A listing of dinner runs, conventions training sessions, fundraisers and membership drives you are scheduling.

We all need a plan: we all have busy schedules without a schedule it is very hard for people to know what they are doing. If they know in advance, they can schedule personal events around chapter events, if we know Tuesday is a tire kick when we schedule dinner with friends we make it another night because they are already going out. It is simple: the first event on the calendar gets the attendance.

There are many other ways the Chapter of the Year Program supports FUN, it offers other ideas of things to do, as an example do you have a mascot? Is he or she cute, cuddly, lovable or scary?
A Mascot does for a chapter much the same thing a pet does for a home, it adds a reason to go home, for our purpose another reason to be involved.
If you have a mascot, you may be surprised to see how quickly it is adopted by all the members; they may wear it’s name or have a picture on their shirt or even get a “cousin” to keep on the bike.
Perhaps you can have a contest in the district: who can take their mascot to the most places? Think about it, it adds to the level of FUN. It gives you a purpose to do stupid silly childish things that will make all of you smile and have a great time.
There are many more reasons to “get involved” in the Chapter of The Year Program, and they all end up with the very same result: More people, more participation and of course more FUN.

One of the other very worthwhile offerings is the “Couple of The Year Program”. The Couple of The Year is NOT a competition; it is a recognition based, program, a way of rewarding and saying “Thank You” to a very special man and woman in your chapter. The title is their “paycheck” for what they have done and continue to do for all their friends.

In addition in a show of support for the Chapter Couple it inspires fellow members to come out to gatherings, events and functions, which increases involvement and you guessed it, creates more FUN for everyone.

One other hidden benefit of the Couples Program is it can be a motivator for other people in the chapter that when they see their friends selected as the Chapter Couple, they also begin to think about how nice it would be if they were the couple. No members will ever tell you they want to be the couple, but most would consider it just what it is an honor to be selected.
Chapter Couple is the only position in G.W.R.R.A. that you are selected by your closest friends.

Members, existing ones as well as new ones are the lifelines of our chapters. We need to address both of these very important areas, we need to have a plan to introduce our chapters to new and potential members.
National has developed a great trial membership for people that are considering joining G.W.R.R.A. we need to support that program.
Before you think it,
“new members are for national to make more money” Of course!
But to us at the chapter level there is a much bigger reward; new members bring new ideas, ENERGY, EXCITEMENT and ENTHUSIASM. They have new jokes, know of different roads that perhaps you just never choose to ride on and places to go. They are the future leaders of the chapter.
I personally love people, my greatest enjoyment is seeing people have FUN, meeting new folks is energizing and talking with and getting them involved with G.W.R.R.A. for me is nothing short of “making my day”.

Of course we have to take care of our current members as well, we need someone to call and ask where they have been, why we have not seen them, let them know we noticed they have not been around at gatherings and events. Even if they are no longer riding, together we all can have FUN.

So who takes oversees these very important tasks?
The Membership Enhancement Coordinator
“Master of FUN”

I wrote this article to offer everyone an insight as to why we need an M.E.C. at Chapter, District and Region levels and give a brief idea of what the position is all about.
Next month I will offer you an outline for an easy way to fill the position and enjoy the benefits of success.

Ride Safe! Have FUN!

Mike and Nancy Mandell
Northeast region “B” M.E.C.







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