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Lunasee Lighting Systems



Lunasee Lighting Systems

“Safety oriented and sharp looking”


It is not very often a motorcycle accessory product is introduced that is extremely functional and adds to the overall appearance of the bike.


Lunasee has developed and is in the process of marketing just such a product. It is the Lunasee ASL 1000, and it has the potential of reducing the number of accidents between cars running into sides of motorcycles rather than saying what we all unfortunately know; “I did not see the bike”. Many times it is the fault of the automobile driver, but the cyclist also is a contributor to the problem, most of us do nothing to make ourselves visible.


Enter Lunasee and much of that problem is gone. The product illuminates the rim of the wheels on both sides producing an extremely visible glowing green ring around the entire rim – providing added side visibility to the bike.


The system provides active side light, which means it does not need the headlights of the approaching vehicle to create the light to illuminate the wheel like reflective components, which are passive. As a result, motorists can now see you even when you are not in the direct path of their headlights.


The system utilizes a special photoluminescent tape that is applied around the rim on both sides as well as high intensity LEDs strategically mounted on the frame to shine inward onto the photoluminescent tape. As the wheel rotates and the tape passes the LED, the tape is charged causing it to emit a bright green light. This creates visible and identifiable rings of light – which makes the bike extremely visible from both sides. It draws attention to the bike and simultaneously makes the bike and rider visible to the vehicle crossing its path. All this is accomplished with no LEDs or wiring actually on your wheels – just the thin pin stripe on the wheel.


While your bike will look the same in the daytime, it really looks sharp and adds dramatically to the appearance of the bike at night. This item will be added by many simply to enhance the bikes appearance which in turn will make them the “Best in Show” at the many lightshows held all around the country.


To see this item in full view log onto;

today and watch the video, for many of us this is an item we literally “can’t live without”.


Visit the website and order yours today!


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William Monk

Lunasee LLC

1800 N. Greene Street

Suite F

Greenville, NC 27834 USA

C 252 916 0990
P 252 353 4354
F 252 353 4353

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