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G.W.R.R.A. Trial Membership

G.W.R.R.A. Trial Membership
“A BIG success”

National has done it right, the Trial Membership Program while not a “new” concept has a complete new approach and has yielded great results. The results are being shared by all of us, the members; we now have even more “FRIENDS” to share our Fun, Safety and Knowledge with.

The new concept is simple; “Git Er Done”, that’s right when a potential member contacts National and becomes a “Trial Member” many things start to happen very quickly.

First of all here is what they get as a T.M., 2 months membership and 2 current issues of Wing World Magazine. In case you may not remember, when you received your first W.W. that within itself made joining worthwhile we looked forward to it arriving each month with open arms.

The potential members also receive multiple brochures explaining the different programs and member benefits as well as what the organization can do for them to enhance their entire motorcycling experience.

Perhaps one of the very best things about the program is the person’s contact information is sent directly to the local chapter and the District Membership Coordinator to insure a quick, “local friendly” how are you and we can not wait to meet you.

This is a no brainer, the T.M. has reached out, they have initiated the contact, they have taken the GIANT step, all the local Chapter has to do is “reel” him/her in and seal it with a WELCOME.


The potential member either already owns or is very seriously thinking about purchasing a motorcycle, they are looking for a place to call home, and they want to be around other motorcyclists.


The time to contact them is as soon as you get the information, they are waiting for YOU to let them know what they are missing and how much FUN they will have. Invite them out to a gathering, event, ride or just to have coffee and say hello.


All of us spend hours trying to figure out ways to grow our chapters, gain new friends and find new potential leaders. Stop looking so far away, a big answer is right in front of you, and it is working.

Take advantage of the resources, programs and tools that people just like YOU have developed as a result of years of experience to fill the seats at your gathering.


The numbers speak fro themselves our organization has grown since implementing this new program,

New enthusiastic members are key to happy, healthy chapters and that is also the formula for FUN.


Ride Safe! Have Fun!

Mike and Nancy Mandell

N.E. Region “B”

Membership Enhancement Coordinators

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