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Help Me! I am choking!

Help me! I am choking!

A room or area full of people,(110) actually there are people as close as 20 feet and if you can’t get their attention, you may just die.

Sounds a bit melodramatic, maybe, but none the less it is true, without assistance that is exactly what may happen to you.

I have been a Medic First Aid Presenter for 10 years, one thing I always say when explaining to people the importance of taking this very valuable training is: You are not doing it for yourself, you are doing it for your family and friends.

I can now tell you that statement is only partially true, the training may just be what saves your life as well as your loved ones lives.

It was a beautiful day, we were hosting the N.J. District Picnic, as the Assistant District Director I was cooking all of the food on the grill, I was very busy and at the same time having a great time joking with all of my friends and extended G.W. family. Most everyone was fed and relaxing talking and joking with one another and yes waiting for dessert as we all do in G.W.

I had been very busy setting up from 8 A.M. and for the past few hours cooking and had not had anything to eat and very little to drink. I was cooking the few last pieces of chicken as well as moving a few pieces that were quite well done. One of our members Bob Richards, Assistant Chapter Director of N.J.F came over to the grill and asked me to add cheese to his burger which I did (and lucky for me he did) and he started to walk away. I cut a piece of the chicken, placed it in my mouth and started to chew it, my throat was very dry and I immediately felt it go down my throat and block my airway. I could not get it to come up and quickly realized I could not speak, (to yell for help). I recognized I was in trouble and ran at Bob, I tried to tell him I was choking but the words were unidentifiable, I lunged at Big Bob’s (thankfully BIG) and managed to slap him in the center of his back. As he turned I leaned to brace myself with my arms on the picnic table, Desi Smith our District M.E.C. and a Medic First Aid Presenter and an E.M.T. saw me and yelled to Bob to hit me between my shoulders, that is all it took to dislodge the chicken and allowed me to get air and live.

Again, maybe it sounds dramatic but believe me, if I did not have the Medic First Aid Training (the same training we all get) to identify the urgency of my situation and the need to get immediate help, the end result could have been much different.

I will tell you, it took a few days for me to stop thinking about how fragile life is and how a few seconds in time can make a big difference.

This is not a story, it is exactly what happened to me, I continued to cook and enjoy the BBQ/picnic, only a few people ever realized what happened and only I knew first hand that Bob saved my life. Thank You Bob!
Bob is also certified in M.F.A. which enabled him to know exactly what he had to do without hesitation.

This is simply another example of the benefits of being involved in Gold Wing Road Riders Association, Friends for Fun, Safety and Knowledge. If not for G.W.R.R.A. most of us would not be M.F.A. Certified and would not identify when a person is a victim of a sudden illness or accident and would not know what to do to get them the proper emergency care.

Michael Mandell
N.E. Region “B” M.E.C.
N.J. A.D.D.
Most importantly: “Just-a-Member”


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