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New York District shows positive growth early in 2012 keep up the good work!

The N.Y. District of G.W.R.R.A. has shown positive growth as a result of using all the information and resources the A.R.L. has to offer, and to them we say “Congratulations”. 
But why, how did they do that? They are in the same geographical area, Northeast Region, the economy the mirror image of the rest of the area, jobs are scarce, money is tight and their members are certainly in the same age bracket as the rest of our organization. So once again I ask HOW, did they do it?
Do they have a “Magic Tool”, the answer is yes, is this tool a secret, the answer is NO, it is there for every M.E.C. and Director at both the District and Chapter level to use and it is FREE.
But wait a minute, if the magic tool is not a secret why aren’t we all using it? Some of us are, but not ALL of us and certainly not to it’s potential.
Let me explain, some Districts are not using the A.R.L. at all, they are really suffering, they are missing opportunities to get new members, they are not telling potential members they are welcome and they are not letting our expiring members know we do not want them to leave our happy family.
Some Districts are doing the minimum as requested by National, they are sending out some form of contact, e-mail, snail mail, maybe a phone call, but they are not tracking the responses. They are doing the minimum and getting the minimum back in return. This is not a new concept, we have all heard it in everything we do in life, we get out of things what we put into them.
Do not get hung up because I used the word “National”, this is not about National, Region or District it is about growing our chapters and providing more FUN for our members thru greater participation, simply more new friends for all of us to enjoy.
So what is N.Y. ‘s recipe for success, once again it is not a secret, we all see his name every month, he wears dual hats, he is the Region B as well as the N.Y. District Area Report List Coordinator, he has a passion for people and a desire to grow the chapters and make people feel welcome and missed.
Credit where credit is due, they/we have a “Magician” that knows how to work that “magic tool”, note I did not say a secret, simply an individual that understands the Area Report List inside and out as well as the need to use that magic tool for exactly what it was designed: to enable us to reach out to potential, new and YES expiring members.
I know all the District Directors and M.E.C’s know him as well as many people in high places within the Goldwing Road Riders Association, his name is Pete St. Amour, and the reason they all know him is because he is always willing to share his knowledge with anyone and everybody that simply asks for assistance. He has graciously assisted in identifying zip codes for other regions and made suggestions for locating new chapters.
Pete, has made a tremendous difference in the entire N.E. region, we are seeing more and more members using the ARL and getting more positive results. Much of this is due to all that Pete does and how well he does it.
Pete has made a major effort in the N.Y. District to reach out and contact chapter members that live outside of the “normal” chapter boundaries, some as far as 100 miles away just to let them know GWRRA and the chapter is there for them. If they choose to attend one event a year, that is fine, he just let’s them know they are both welcome when they attend and missed when they don’t.
One other thing Pete has continually done and that is he reaches out to members that are going to expire and contacts them about their membership and involvement before they are dropped from the report.
It is like checking on the horse before the barn door is left open, feed him, groom him, and let him know he is loved so if the barn door is accidently left open he will not simply run away.
I know what you are thinking, just because N.Y. is lucky enough to have Pete what does that have to do with my chapter or district? 
That brings us to the absolute “BEST” part of the story, Pete has always let it be known he is there for YOU and anyone else that wants a hand or needs information or guidance with the A.R.L. or any phase of Recruitment and Retention. 
Pete writes an article each and every month that is published in the Region newsletter, the information is simple to understand and very informative, he closes every article with give me a call, drop me an e-mail, I am here to assist YOU.
There are no excuses, he is there to offer the support, e-mail is free and with cell phones and calling plans most phone calls are all inclusive in your bill. So don’t delay, give Pete a call today! 
Start growing your chapters this month.
To my friend Pete, CONGRATULATIONS, and “Thank You” for all you do and how well you do it!
Mike and Nancy Mandell 
N.E. Region “B” Membership Enhancement Coordinators


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