7 Things That Make Gold Wing Worth Every Penny

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Gold Wing Worth

The Seventh Generation of Honda’s Gold Wing is out in the market, and people are waiting for a good review of the motorcycle that has always remained a unique choice for cruise riders. It may come as a surprise for a few, but the new model is slightly smaller than the previous generation Gold Wings. So what is different in this generation model? Here are seven things about Gold Wing that make it worth every penny.

It is the golden jubilee decade

Gold Wing has been around for 43 years, and soon enough, it will complete 50 years of its legacy. Is this the right moment to buy a Gold Wing? The new gold wing will have improved technology and performance. It will provide comfort, fuel economy, and improvised looks to the riders. Gold Wing is Honda’s flagship model, and the newest version is the best one yet.

Double-wishbone front suspension


The weird-looking front suspension is a replacement for the traditional telescopic fork. It will reduce the front-end dive while braking. Honda claims that the components’ inertial mass will be reduced by 40%, improving handling while turning.

Power and mileage

The new Gold Wing is a combination of power and mileage for a long cruise. The GL1800 now comes with 1833cc and adds 5hp. Honda has also worked to provide better fuel efficiency that also helped them reduce the fuel cell size.

80 Pounds lighter

80 Pounds lighter

Gold Wing will now be 80 pounds lighter. The smaller looking size of Gold Wing will definitely be easier to handle. Mass centralization will also help to improve the handling of the motorcycle. Many riders will see this as good news as Gold Wing will be available for smaller riders too.

Adjustable windshield

Honda has definitely listened to its community and finally worked to create an adjustable windshield. Honda has spent the time to improve the flow of air that will provide better riding comfort for the rider. The windscreen can now be adjusted electrically, helping the riders to make changes while riding through different climates.


Keyless operation

The new keyless operation will allow riders to operate the motorcycle without the need to search for the keys every time. There is no key slot for ignition. The luggage also opens with a push of a button. The key will only be useful to lock the vehicle completely. You can put a code to start the engine electronically when you are on the road.

GPS map updates

Gold Wing will now also provide GPS map upgrades from the latest models. All Gold Wings are known for their GPS feature. Honda has now announced that every Gold Wing will receive free updates on GPS according to the changing road systems.

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