The Last of us

GWRRA-Northeast Region

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The Last of us

GWRRA-Northeast Region

Welcome to the biggest Gold Wind Association in the world. It is a social organization for owners of Honda Gold Wing motorcycles.


Welcome To The Gold Wing Road Riders Association

GWRRA is the biggest Gold Wing club in the Northeast region. We are a team of professional riders who host community events to support a number of causes while we ride together. We share fun, safety, and knowledge together in our non-profit, non-religious, and non-political association. GWRRA was founded in 1977 with members across the globe.

GWRRA Vision

We are a group of active riders that enjoy riding while promoting the image of motorcycle riders.


GWRRA Mission

We are a non-profit organization that is built to create awareness about motorcycle safety and experience on Gold Wing.


Our Gallery

Explore our gallery and find the events that we have covered over 30 years with our team members around the world.

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I am a proud owner of Gold Wing and an active member of GWRRA. This is a really happy family that is always there for each other.

Paula O Boyer

As a part of this association, I would recommend everyone to take a general awareness program that the team provides as it can really enlighten you about motorcycles.

Daniel W Goss

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